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"National Geographic" : The Photographs - National Geographic
"National Geographic: The Photographs" presents an amazing collection of award-winning "National Geographic" magazine photographs, the facts behind them, and the inside stories of the men and women who took them. The images capture rar ...
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Astronomica - Millennium House - RRP £50.00 now only £24.99
RRP £50.00 now only £24.99 Astronomica combines the knowledge of astronomy experts with the very latest images to present an in-depth look at the universe and the celestial bodies that abound in the intriguing realm of the night sky. Written ...
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Atlas of the Universe - Philip's Map
This Philip's edition of the Atlas of the Universe contains many new features, from explanations of dark matter and neutrinos to techniques of digital observing and photography. As well as giving an informative portrait of each element of the co ...
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Guide to the Night Sky - Philip's Map
A completely revised and redesigned new edition of this popular guide of the night sky. In his characteristically entertaining and informative style, Sir Patrick introduces the wonders of the night sky to absolute beginners. The Moon, the p ...
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New Solar System : Ice Worlds, Moons, and Planets Redefined - National Geographic
Designed for a popular audience that is intrigued by our ever-growing knowledge of space, "The New Solar System", is the next compelling work by two terrifically reviewed popular astronomy authors: Robert Burnham ("Great Comets") and P ...
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Night Sky Atlas - Philip's Map
This highly practical Atlas of the night sky is suitable for use anywhere in the world. It has a robust damp-proof binding, making it ideal for use out of doors, and the tough paper is suitable for annotating with pencil when observing. It conta ...
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Planets, Stars, and Galaxies : A Visual Encyclopedia of Our Universe - National Geographic
This comprehensive reference book on space includes information on the Sun and each of the planets in our solar system, and then branches out to examine other galaxies. It includes the latest information on the formation of the Universe, space travel, and ...
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Stargazers' Almanac: a Monthly Guide to the Stars and Planets
-- Perfect for beginners -- Perfect for children -- No telescope required Explore the night skies with this beautiful illustrated monthly guide to the stars and planets . This large-format almanac allows you to step outside and track the planets, locate ...
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The Stargazers Guide
How to read our night sky... ....A beginners guide to Astronomy This book will guide you through what you want to see in the night sky, why it's interesting and what how previous generations viewed it. Here are mythic tales of beasts and battle that led ...
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Turn Left at Orion
A guidebook for beginning amateur astronomers, Turn Left at Orion provides all the information you need to observe the Moon, the planets and a whole host of celestial objects. Large format diagrams show these objects exactly as they appear in a small tele ...
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Planisphere, Northern Hemisphere...NEW 2 Sided Edition...- Global Mapping
We were extremely pleased when our Planisphere was featured in 'Astronomy Now' magazine in December 2011 with an excellent review. The planisphere's unique two sided disc and no rivet covering up the Polaris - the North Star was like ...
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Chart of the Night Sky ..Beginners Guide to Stargazing !! - Global Mapping
 "Mark Peterson and Wil Tirion's Chart of the Night Sky is a masterpiece of map making.  Precise, easy to use, durable and a work of art, it is quite simply the best ever." Dr.Mark Littmann, PhD. Author, Planets Beyond; The Hea ...
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Star Chart - Global Mapping
   Size : 1055mm x 764mm (41.6" x 30.1") This superb Star Map features three views covering the Northern and Southern hemispheres as well as the equatorial region to help you fully enjoy the Sky at Night.    If yo ...
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Star Chart, Folded - Global Mapping
  Size : 1055mm x 764mm (41.6" x 30.1") This superb Star Map comes folded at a handy size of 220mm x 176mm (8.7" x 6.9"). The map features three views covering the Northern and Southern hemispheres as well as the equatorial ...
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Star Chart - Encapsulated with hanging strips - Global Mapping
  Size : 1055mm x 764mm (41.6" x 30.1") The encapsulated map can also be supplied with a set of hanging strips as pictured here.  Price includes encapsulation and hangers. For more products on Astronomy click here  
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