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Fink - family conversation cards - Fink Cards
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Fink - family conversation cards - Fink Cards

Fink™ cards are a great new tool to help family communication. A pack of 54 fun, thought-provoking conversation cards that will change your mealtimes forever! Set the table, open the Fink™ cards and prepare for your family to be transformed into confident communicators. Children are amazed when they learn who is dad's favourite super hero and what was mum's earliest memory? Parents are offered insights from their children that they never would of expected! Regular mealtimes help families develop more than just good eating habits. As the conversation flows around the dining table, children learn to share views and ideas, develop listening skills and gain mutual respect. As interesting discussions take place, there is an opportunity for the family to really get to know each other and to find out family traditions. Sharing love, laughter and fun brings a family closer and regular time together offers children a deep sense of security and stability. We all know that mealtimes offer families an opportunity to come together, reconnect and share their day, but due to our busy lives dinner often becomes a ‘meal on the move’. To make life easier we end up with dinner on our laps, teenagers permanently plugged into their MP3's and six year olds glued to the TV. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone was happy to come to the table without persuasion, and willingly stay there for the duration of the meal. Fink™ cards make mealtimes enjoyable for all the family. Use as many cards as you wish at each mealtime. If a conversation starts to flow then stick with it, but if the children are eager for more - then let them choose another card! It is simple to modify the questions for younger children. To help conversation flow, ask more questions in response to their answers. Let everyone have the opportunity to speak and be listened to. The aim is for mealtimes to become fun, relaxed occasions where your family comes together to share much more than food. It’s a time to reconnect with each other by sharing your thoughts, ideas and memories.

Travel Guide Edition coming soon..please call if you would like to reserve a pack! 01280 840770

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