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Kite Surfing - The Complete Guide
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Kite Surfing - The Complete Guide

Kitesurfing (also known as kiteboarding) is a sport that is not only expanding quickly but also constantly developing.

Together with this rapid growth there are also many signs of maturity; for instance: the emergence of national associations, led by the British Kite Surfing Association (the worlds' largest); the setting up of organised training systems; and with this publication, a practical guide book and manual.

"Kitesurfing - The Complete Guide" is an invaluable reference, for those people who may be interested in taking up the sport, those already learning and those who are already accomplished riders. Ian Currer has pulled together a host of information and lays it out in a logical manner. He discusses topics such as whether this is the sport for you, what equipment you may require and what you can expect from a training programme.

This book offers insight into everything from the basics of choosing a suitable spot, right through to topics such as competitions and phenomena such as "apparent wind". The text is clear and informative throughout and avoids technical jargon wherever possible. David Barber's illustrations are superb and do an excellent job of clarifying the topics covered in the book. Ian, the author of Touching Cloudbase, the worlds' best selling manual on paragliding is the main architect of the British Hang-Gliding and Paragliding Association's training system.

His 25 years expertise as an outdoor sports instructor is apparent in the way he breaks down each topic into manageable and easily understood sections, and his enthusiasm for Kitesurfing shines through in his writing.

This is not a "Do-It-Yourself" manual, but it will prove to be an enormous help to anyone who is learning, will give a useful insight into the sport for anyone thinking about having a go, and will act as a handy reference for more experienced riders too.

This book should be a vital component in every rider's outfit.

No of Pages: 191

Page Size: 170x240

Publisher: Northern Paragliding*

Published Date: 07/08/2003

Cover: paperback

Illustrations: colour illustrations

Weight: 360 gms

ISBN: 9780954289614

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