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Christmas Gifts

Welcome to the Christmas gift section..........click the link below, and hopefully you'll find a selection of gifts that will suit the person you are buying for.....if you need any advice, please feel free to give us a call on 07957 806497

Happy shopping!

Please be aware that globes, calenders and diaries sell out very quickly leading up to Christmas. It is advisable to purchase these early.

3D Cards

Great Stocking Fillers!


Everyone likes looking at an atlas.


Here's just a selection of books from our website.

For the walkers who have everything ...

Trying to buy a gift for a walker can be difficult, they've probably got lots of maps.

Gifts for the active!

Do you have to buy for anyone who is cycling, walking, climbing, kayaking, sailing mad?

Gifts that are extra special..

We've chosen gifts for this catagory that are very special from the Limited Edition Earth Atlas, an investment that has already increased in price since it's release in 2008.


Globes are something we love.

Gone Fishing ....

Gifts for the person who loves fishing.

Historical Products

Here is a selection of historical products that we sell at MapStop.

Lovers of Cartography (maps!)..

We obviously love maps at MapStop and know many people who love them to.

Personalised Products

There are a few mapping products that can be personalised.

So you love nature ....

Do you need to buy a gift for a person loves nature?

So you love the night sky....

Ever looked up into the night sky and wished you knew which constellations you were looking at?

Wall Maps

Educational, informative and rather beautiful.