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MAPublisher- Avenza

 MAPublisher is revolutionising the way in which maps are made, and is increasingly the software of choice, including for National Geographic, Rand McNally, USGS, XYZ, Bartholomew, Ordnance Survey and many more. But what is it? As a graphics professional you probably use one or perhaps both of the industry standard graphic design programmes, namely Macromedia Freehand or Adobe Illustrator. Both give you almost unlimited creative control over your map design, and ensure that you get top quality results whatever your choice of output method. MAPublisher is a suite of Xtras/Plug-ins that turns either of these packages into a Geographic Information System. But hold on, why do You need GIS, and what could MAPublisher do for You? Don’t just take our word for it. You can download the 10 day FREE trial version from the MAPublisher web site at www.avenza.com. Features include: MicroStation DGN file import, Douglas-Peucker Line Generalisation, Plot points in decimal degrees or DMS onto any, projected plane, Convert between DMS and decimal degrees, Create GeoTiffs and other geo-referenced raster images, Store map projections in already projected files after import, 'Sticky' selection menus remember last menu selection, Automatic Scale bar creation, Automatic Grid generation in page units, Simplify Arcs, Bezier curve creation from GIS data segments, Bezier curve support during scale transformation, projecting and area and length calculations, Area drawing tools in map units, Copy and paste map data between layers, Automatic grain calculation on data import, Updated e00 import, now imports all components (anno, pnt, arc, poly), Create grids in differing page units, DGN data automatically attributed with level number during import, Project data to different output map units.

MAPublisher-Commercial & Government Licenses-Avenza

For all Commercial activity in both private and public sectors.

MAPublisher-Educational Licenses-Avenza

You need to be a student or working at an educational establishment